bloodborne pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens: How to Prevent Exposure and What to Do If You're Exposed

The germs that cause long infection periods and diseases in the human blood go by the name of bloodborne pathogens. You may face exposure to these dangerous germs in many ways through jobs in healthcare and law. The possibility of infection…
CPR Training

Roles In Society That Are Complimented By CPR Certification

It's important to recognize that safety is a big part of business and customer service today. People venturing out of their homes and into the world for whatever reason, want to feel as safe as possible. This is why more and more businesses…

A Couple Common But Preventable Reasons People Go To The E.R.

This article is comprised of some of the most common reasons people visit the emergency room. This article gives you the advantage of knowing these common emergencies and how to prevent them happening to you or your family members to the best…
Old First Aid Kit
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Holiday Safety Tips From Bakersfield CPR

Nothing kills the holiday buzz more than an unfortunate accident or event. Holiday safety is really important between the months of November and mid-January when we have a cluster of holidays, clustered focus and more time and opportunity to…
heatstroke child

Protect Your Kids From Heatstroke!

Protect your children from heatstroke In most cases, babies tend to rest in a comfortable and quite manner at the backseat of a car to the extent that it is very easy to forget them. At other times you might find as if there is no need to disturb…
Watching the fire
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Family Fireplace Safety

Although there are several types of fireplaces; gas, electric, or wood burning, there are potential and unique risks involved with each one. Here you will become educated on the cautions and risks you take using an indoor fireplace in your home.…