Old First Aid Kit

Nothing kills the holiday buzz more than an unfortunate accident or event. Holiday safety is really important between the months of November and mid-January when we have a cluster of holidays, clustered focus and more time and opportunity to come into contact with a safety issue. Be prepared with our best holiday tips.

Holiday Travels

Many people travel during the holidays and most choose transportation by automobile. Automobiles have the highest fatality rate of any other major form of transportation. Accidents spike around New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. One third of the accidents are caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. During the winter months, be sure to prepare for designated drivers to take guests home from any holiday event where liquor is served. Enforce the ‘buckle up’ rule in your vehicle, no matter the distance you are driving. Because cell phones are among the top driving distractions, put them on silent and away while driving. And keep an emergency kit in your car, as well as a blanket. Remember that 1/3 of the accidents during the holidays are due to alcohol-impaired drivers, so you must have your full attention on the road before you and your other surroundings.


One of the highest emergency room visit causes during the winter months is, believe it or not, decorating. Using artificial snow materials and sprays can irritate the lungs, so follow directions on any decoration product you may be using. The same goes for holiday plants, such as the poinsettias, which are poisonous to pets in particular. Keep emergency phone numbers available to your family and guests on the fridge. The National Poison Control Center can be reached at (800) 222-1222. Use proper care when using step ladders, and clear pathways of decorating debris so no one trips and falls.

Give Safe Gifts

Particularly for children, it’s important to give age appropriate gifts. This is because the manufacturer has gone through great lengths to ensure that the product is inspected and approved for the age range written on the box. If a child is small and doesn’t have the capacity to understand a toy, they may put small parts in their mouth or use it in a way that can hurt them. Gift giving has been made much easier in this regard by Google. You can simply look up “age appropriate gifts for age ___” and be offered a wealth of safe ideas. Otherwise, you can check the packaging in-store.

Freshen Up Your Safety Training

Fire safety, First Aid Training, CPR and AED Training are all a great way to give the gift of peace of mind to any holiday guests you have this year. Contact your local training facility or visit an online resource you trust to learn more about the advantages of taking emergency trainings. During the holidays all types of injuries are at higher risks of occurrence. At minimum, you can keep a first aid kit in your home and car, a newly serviced fire extinguisher anywhere a fire can occur, keep a list of important emergency phone numbers on your fridge, and learn CPR.

From all of us at Bakersfield CPR, have a merry and safe holiday season! See you next year!