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Find out about real people saving lives by using CPR.

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Protect Your Loved Ones!

You can learn a life-saving skill in our Bakersfield CPR Classes.  You can rest easy with the knowledge that your family, your children, your friends and coworkers, anyone you love and care about, are safer because you know CPR.  You can have the power and the skill to be a hero.  When the time comes and an emergency arises, you can be the one who stands up and saves a life.

If you are in the Greater Bakersfield area, you can do this with CPR Plus – the best source for CPR classes in Southern California.

Same Day Classes

Are you in a hurry to get your CPR certification? Well you are in luck, that is what we do!

One on One Classes

If you don’t learn well in a group setting, this is your opportunity to take a private CPR class.

Group Classes

Learn CPR in an interactive group setting.


If you are a professional needing your certification, you can trust that our instructors will provide you with the skills and confidence you’ll need to do your job. Whether you are going to be caring for children, working as a professional rescuer or working as a first responder, we have a class that will teach the skills you will need.

Service Guaranteed

Regardless of which class you choose, we strive for each student to complete training feeling confident and happy.  It’s more than a promise. The level of service you will receive is a Guarantee

At CPR Plus, your CPR education can fit seamlessly into your schedule, your home or business, and your needs.  We can provide same day one-on-one classes or group classes.  We also offer Spanish CPR classes.

Our instructors are experienced EMT’s or Paramedics with extensive knowledge and experience in handling life threatening situations.  These experiences are applied to the course work of the class, so you can know that you are learning from an instructor who knows how to use the skills in a true emergency.

Your class will incorporate lecture, video and hands-on experience.

Our extensive course list of classes includes:

Students Beware!

Don’t be fooled by online-only CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS or PALS certification scams.

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