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Helpful EMT Exercises

As an EMT, you face many situations where physical strength is an absolute necessity in your field, so you must do EMT exercises that will help you suceed. Staying in shape is good for you and the people you help. There are exercises that can help you to increase the strength of your core which […]

Cardiac Arrest Month: Signs of Cardiac Arrest

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness (SCA) month. SCA happens when the heart stops beating without warning, which can occur in nearly an instant. If an individual does not restore the victim’s heart beat quickly, death happens within minutes. This diagnosis differs from a heart attack, so we’ve compiled a list of symptoms one should […]


Protect Your Kids From Heatstroke!

Protect your children from heatstroke In most cases, babies tend to rest in a comfortable and quite manner at the backseat of a car to the extent that it is very easy to forget them. At other times you might find as if there is no need to disturb them, so you just leave them […]

How to Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

Ways to Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack Did you know that heart disease is actually the number one killer in America? This might be surprising to some, but it is what kills the highest number of people living in the United States each year. This means that looking for ways to lower your […]

Expecting? You Should Know CPR!

Expectant Mothers Should Learn CPR Having a baby is an exciting time in your life. When you learn that you are expecting a bundle of joy, it is normal to begin planning and getting things ready for your baby’s arrival. There are many things to take care of from baby furniture to baby clothes, but […]

How To Give Your Pet CPR

Help! My Pet Isn’t Breathing! How To Administer CPR To Your Pet CPR is a life-saving device that we generally associate with humans. However, did you know that it also possible to administer CPR to your pet? It’s true. CPR For Animals As a pet parent, you naturally want to know that you are doing […]

Personal Trainers Need CPR training

Personal Trainers Require Extensive CPR Training and Knowledge When you choose to pursue a career as a personal trainer, you have chosen to enter the field of exercise science. This is an exciting industry that is full of opportunity and involves improving both cardiovascular health and overall health. Weightlifting is an integral part of the […]

A Helmet Could Be the Difference Between Life or Death

Helmets Save Lives Just a few weeks ago I was traveling to work and noticed heavy traffic in the northbound lanes. I was trying to determine what the cause of the slow traffic was and quickly realized that an accident had occurred. It did not take long to notice the motorcyclist laying in the roadway […]

Dangers of Drowning

Extremely Dangerous! May Cause Drowning Drowning is much more prevalent than you might expect. The image that you have in your mind surrounding drowning might not be the reality of the situation. In most cases, victims of drowning are not trashing around wildly in the water. Many victims of drowning are either noticed submerged underwater […]

Life Saving Stories From Using CPR

CPR – Life Saving Stories There are more incidences of CPR around the world on a daily basis then most people realize. You do not have to be a first responder to be a hero to someone. Being able to perform CPR can save a life literally. There are so many amazing stories that just […]