As an EMT, you face many situations where physical strength is an absolute necessity in your field, so you must do EMT exercises that will help you suceed. Staying in shape is good for you and the people you help. There are exercises that can help you to increase the strength of your core which of course helps with lifting and stretching. By following an exercise routine that can be used to increase your core strength you can easily help to prevent injuries to yourself when you have to lift.

EMT Exercises

EMT Exercises: Planks Can Help


A while ago the “planking” craze was all over the media. This strange looking exercise can help you to become better balanced and strengthen those all-important core muscles.  All you have to do is lay down on your belly than lift your body up off the floor with your forearms and your toes. Hold the position for thirty seconds to one minute then release and repeat.

When a simple plank becomes easy, switch things up by lifting one leg into the air. Switch off legs.

EMT Exercises: Twisted Crunches

You can add a twist to sit-ups to speed up the strengthening process. Modify your sit up by bringing your knees up toward your chest than lifting your chest with hands behind your head (but down pull your self up with your arms use your core muscles) twist from left to right and hold each time for a count of 10.

As you become more efficient at this exercise hold the position longer each time. You can also lift your legs as if riding a bicycle and twist from side to side as well to really get in a good work out.

EMT Exercises: V-UPS

V-UPS are another modified sit up. With the V-UPS your legs are out straight and you DO NOT bend at the knee. Keep your legs straight as you raise them up and raise your upper body reaching towards your toes. If you are doing this right your body should form a V.

You can do this is repetitions of 10 and hold for at least 5 seconds on each one.  Increase reps and holds as you become more comfortable with the exercise.

Try all three! You can try all three to really get in shape and help to protect yourself from injuries. Staying in shape can easily make you better at your job and it certainly will keep you safer at your job.