Emergency Home Kit

Here are the basic items you can feel confident about keeping in the event there is a natural disaster or emergency situation that strikes your home, city, or state. Be sure to discuss the possibilities with your family, come up with a plan, and visit it often. Two great key points to make sure your family is aware of is where your first aid kit is and how to use it, as well as where the family will meet in the event of an emergency to ensure everyone’s safety and survival together as a unit.


The recommendation for emergency water storage is optimally 2 weeks worth and 1 gallon per day kept for each person. For a couple, 1 gallon kept x 2 for 14 days would be 28 gallons of water. The minimum recommendation is three days worth. Water never expires, it only becomes contaminated. To avoid contamination be sure your water is properly sealed in plastic containers that are food grade (#1, #2, and #4). Keep the containers directly off concrete and away from chemicals because contaminants can leach into plastic containers. Putting your water stores on wood should be sufficient.


The best emergency situation foods are ready-to-eat canned meats and tuna, fruits, and vegetables. If at all possible get the cans that don’t require an opener just to be as prepared as you can be. Canned juices, milk, and soup are good options. Foods that provide high energy are peanut butter, jelly, crackers, trail mix, and granola bars. Since your emotional health in an emergency is also important, store some comfort foods as well such as candy bars, cookies, and candy. Check your expiration dates once every 6 months or a year, and rotate/replace the items as necessary. One year worth of food is the recommendation, but any food stored will help you. Store as you have space. Don’t forget to pack a can opener, or multiple.

Flashlights, Battery Operated Radio, and Batteries

Battery operated flashlights are very important in the event that the power is out. Who knows how long the power will be out for in some cases, so you will want a large supply of the batteries needed to operate these devices. Emergency radios can also be found in crank version where you crank them manually to power them. This will be your communication to the rest of the world in an emergency. You will want to be aware of anything that’s being televised.

First Aid Kit

You don’t want an emergency situation worsened by sustained injuries, so be sure to have an extensive first aid kit. One that lays out the items by type of injury and has a short guide included is wonderful. Replace any contents you use over time so that it is always well stocked. Visit the first aid kit with your family periodically to remind them where it is and how to use it.


A whistle is one way to project sound to a possible rescue team in the event of this kind of disaster. Monsoon and flooding situations can be one of these situations. You can purchase one for each member of your family and they can where them while camping, swimming at any natural beach, or just when going out at night to assist them if any danger threatens their safety.

Plastic sheeting and Duct Tape

These items would be used in the event you have to make a quick shelter away from the elements and animals interested in your food supply.

Medical Masks

If the air quality is compromised, you will need medical masks to breathe adequately filtered air. In the event that some kind of break out of illness or disease happens, they can also protect you from contracting it airborne.


We probably aren’t aware of all the needs we could have for pliers and other tools. One task that can be performed with the pliers is to shut off your utilities.

Local Maps

Knowing your way around even just your city or state can aid you in an emergency. These will offer you alternative routes and show you areas away from civilization. If you coordinate an escape route or meetup place with other members of your family, a map is a great way to remember where it was exactly.

Old Cell Phone and Solar Charger

Old cell phones or cheap pay-as-you-go phones serve as good emergency items because whether or not they have paid service won’t interrupt your ability to call 9-1-1. Depending on the emergency situation, you might not be able to charge the phone. Having a solar charger is one sure way you will still be able. Other solar power charging devices will be great for other devices as well.