Ways to Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Ways to Lower Your Risk of a Heart AttackWays to Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Did you know that heart disease is actually the number one killer in America? This might be surprising to some, but it is what kills the highest number of people living in the United States each year. This means that looking for ways to lower your risk of being diagnosed with heart disease could save your life.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease involves the narrowing of arteries. Over time, the arteries that are designed to move blood, nutrients and oxygen to the heart begin to narrow. This occurs due to the collection of cholesterol fatty deposits that develop within the arterial walls. This makes it difficult for oxygenated blood to make its way to the heart. The buildup that stands in the way is often referred to as plaque.

Here are a few ways that you can begin lowering your risk of heart disease right away:

vaping-heart-diseaseWays to Lower Your Risk of a Heart AttackStop Smoking

A better alternative to stopping smoking, is to never start. Smoking is one of the main causes of heart disease and it is completely preventable. If you do not smoke, you will not be diagnosed with heart disease as a result of smoking. The reason that smoking is linked to heart disease can be found in the chemicals within tobacco. These chemicals have the ability to damage the heart and blood vessels over time. As a result, the arteries will become narrower and heart attacks can occur. If you simply stop smoking, you have the ability to decrease your risk of heart disease immensely.

Change Your Diet

Diet can be a great way to reduce your risk of heart disease. All you need to do is adopt a more heart healthy diet that you and your loved ones can follow. Making better choices about the foods that you eat can have a huge impact on the likelihood that you suffer from a heart attack. Just making smarter food choices can have a huge impact. Adding plenty of fruits and vegetables is the way to go. Making these changes to your diet will not only lower your risk of heart disease, but also lower your risk of diabetes and other adverse health conditions.

Ways to Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack3Get Active

Getting out and moving around can be a great way to help prevent heart disease. You do not have to run a marathon, but you do need to get regular exercise. A little can go a long way.