CPR Training for Firefighters

CPR For Firefighters

CPR Training for FirefightersThere are plenty of cases where CPR is the difference between life and death. There are many classes out there that teach CPR however most of the time CPR is used for bystanders, average citizens that need help but what happens when the citizen that needs help is a first responder?

It is not a reach to think that a firefighter might need CPR but unlike your average person that needs a little help a firefighter has tons of equipment to contend with when you are getting ready to perform this life saving measure.

The breathing apparatus that firefighters use block their faces. The helmets that are worn are strapped firmly on. The chest compressions can not start until the rest of the gear is removed. Losing those precious moments can be catastrophic.

Firefighter Down CPR

When a firefighter needs CPR there is a process in place that can help when the unthinkable happens to avoid the catastrophic results that are a potential when those precious moments are lost.

Special CPR training is in place that can quickly help a firefighter get the life saving help that he/she needs. The process is a 10 step process that gets their helmet off, face mask and gear that is covering their chest so that CPR can be administered.

Firefighter Down CPR requires specialty training. While the process itself is the same those lifesaving minutes of getting their gear off in a proper sequence while they are unable to do it themselves takes special training.

The Course

Typically learning the Firefighter Down CPR is something that is relegated to a few people that might find themselves in the position of having to help a firefighter that is in need of CPR. Hopefully there is never a time that you will need to use this type of CPR on a fallen comrade but it is good to know that if it is needed there are people that are prepared to act quickly.

It is also good to know that someone has given thought to the process and is helping to keep firefighters safe! The course is offered to many first reponder’s that may find themselves in a position to help a firefighter in need.

It is offered in addition to the general CPR process. The ten steps can also be found on video tutorials for those people that want to be prepared to help if the need arises.